RAIN 395 / for string trio


JUNE / for sinfonietta (8:07)


BEFORE ITS CLOSE / for sinfonietta (6:39)


PINK HOUSE / for pierrot ensemble (6:43)


DARK GREEN ROOM / for wind trio (3:55)


Musical Theater


I am the playwright, composer and lyricist of Lodestar, a one-act musical, telling the story of one night in a California gold mining town in 1880. It follows three main characters: Maggie, a Paiute girl caught between family ties and economic opportunities, Rosa May, a lady of the night seeking to author her own destiny, and Liu Wo, a Chinese immigrant trying to escape his abusive uncle.

Lodestar was performed as a staged reading by Ram's Head Theatrical Society in 2022 with 10 singers and 8 instrumentalists, and featured in the Stanford Daily. Below is a selection from the show.

MONO LAKE / performed by Ram's Head Theatrical Society

Gaieties 2020

Gaieties is an annual Stanford student production that takes place the week before the Big Game with Cal Berkeley. Every year, a team of students writes an entirely original musical, recruiting a cast, crew and orchestra to perform it in front of thousands at Memorial Auditorium. I was initially selected to compose the music for the entire show. However, the COVID-19 pandemic got in the way; thus, we moved the production online as best we could. Below is a selection from the show, of one of the songs for which I was the composer and lyricist.

IT'S GAIETIES / performed by Ram's Head Theatrical Society and LSJUMB


BEAUTIFUL BOYFRIENDS / songwriter, producer (3:02)