screenshots of Aurascope design

I worked as a designer and engineer with a group of fellow Stanford students on Aurascope, a mobile app designed to help creative people capture, catalog and develop their everyday inspiration, for a Human Computer Interaction Design course. We started with needfinding interviews with artists, then developed low fidelity, wireframe and full prototypes, engaging in real-world user testing at each stage. Learn about our journey here.


Transitmate is another app I worked on for a Human Computer Interaction Design course, designed to help users of public transit feel safe and "unalone" throughout their trip. We created a full working prototype, which we tested on local transit and then presented to professors, peers and industry professionals. Explore Transitmate here.

screenshots of Transitmate design

Ghost Machine

For this project, I turned my laptop into an instrument, using ChucK code and a collection of samples from traditional American folk songs drawn from the Library of Congress' audio collection. Find out about the process here.


This Website!

I designed this website and coded it using HTML5, CSS and Javascript.